SKOWT artist performs at BAC

Earlier today, Shadow Puppet Theatre (SPT) performed at Brickfields Asia College (BAC), PJ Campus in support of the college’s forum on tackling social issues; drug abuse, alcohol consumption, relationship issues, time wastage and smoking (D.A.R.T.S).

Dzul (right) and Navin from SPT performing


“Our songs today jives with the theme of the forum and we’re happy to have had the chance to perform. SKOWT has given us the avenue to grow and it’s a stepping stone towards our goal to prove ourselves and even someday represent Malaysia internationally”.

Khai (left) awarded with a certificate of appreciation


Ever since joining hands with SKOWT, Khai, a social activist, intends to reach out to youth to promote a drug free lifestyle via music.

“Music has the power to change people, the community and the world and with SKOWT providing an innovative music platform, we’re one step closer to paving a way for a brighter future for youth, helping them come out of D.A.R.T.S” – Khai

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Khai Aziz join hands with SKOWT

SKOWT  recently partnered with – Khai Aziz upon finding common ground in the passion for music and zeal in helping others.

Khai is an activist, speaker, writer and singer in a Punk Rock band that promotes drug-free, sober, PMA, Straight edge, poison free lifestyle.

“I see SKOWT as a good platform for independent artist like myself. I have been searching for someone who could help me out in helping bands, organisations and struggling artist. Gladly, I met my old friend who shares the same passion as myself in music and helping people – a music platform with a good cause!” – Khai

With the SKOWT partnership, we aim to expand more into colleges, universities and schools to find hidden talent among disadvantaged youths in hope of making their dreams come through and helping change their lives.

Check out Khai’s full profile here:

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SKOWT Announces the First Recipient of Its Music Fund

Subang, June 14th 2017: SKOWT, an innovative new music platform which caters to unsigned and independent talents, announced the first recipient of its SKOWT MUSIC FUND platform.

Gershom Moses, a young Independent singer-songwriter, is part of the first batch of 3 musicians who will benefit from the recently launched fund of RM 20,000, which aims to help independent musicians record and produce their songs.

SKOWT also announced its collaboration with Pulse Soundworks, Record Label, Digital Music Distributor, Publisher and Audio Production Studio. Pulse Soundworks will help mentor and produce Gershom’s original song, as well as to help distribute the song once it is officially released.

Quote from SKOWT:

“We had a great response following the launch of the SKOWT Music Fund last month in partnership with VIMA. Thank you to all the artists who submitted their tracks to be considered for the first round of disbursement.

We are pleased to announce that our first recipient of the Fund is Gershom Moses. Gershom is a great example of an extremely talented individual that needs the support and help of the industry to help him gain the recognition he deserves. His natural talent, dedication and passion for music is truly admirable. We are proud to be involved in the process of helping Gershom reach the next level.

We have chosen to partner Pulse Soundwork to help record and produce Gershom’s tracks as we believe that they share the same goals that we have in terms of helping independent artist.”


Since 2010, the Pulse mission has been to produce Malaysian music and content at industry standards – and to bring local talents to international platforms. Through our growing pool of artistes and services, we set the stage for those who have a passion for their creative work, and provide a one-stop-solution catering to both industry newcomers and veterans.
Visit their website at:


PULSE Quote:

At Pulse Soundworks, our main objective has always been to help push independent musicians to greater heights by providing the services and infrastructure needed to push forward. The partnership with VIMA and SKOWT comes naturally as we’re working towards a common goal.”


Gershom’s Quote:

“I’m super excited to have been chosen as the first recipient of the SKOWT Music Fund, and I’m truly looking forward to the whole learning process and mentorship that I will be receiving under the guidance of the Pulse Soundworks team.  I’ve worked on plenty of my own stuff and written more than 30 songs of my own that I’ve not recorded or produced yet. I’ve been doing gigs at a few venues.

My inspiration in song writing comes from my own experiences and from the one I love. Additional to that I also learn the skills of writing from artists’ like Ed Sheeran and Ronan Keating. I’ve written a song called Rain for VIMA award winning artist, Tamara Varughese in 2016 and I was the composer, lyricist and the featured artist in that song. I would love to work and collaborate with more people and artists around the world cause I’ve got plenty to give. I’m looking forward for more open doors along the road of my life and though it isn’t easy I want this to be a career.


To find out more about the Music Fund and how to apply, please click the links below:

SKOWT Music Fund