SKOWT Music Fund: For the tuneful and talented

Oyent Hazryl, one of SKOWT’s artists, was awarded the SKOWT Music Fund, making him the third and final recipient of the fund this year! In partnership with Pulse Soundworks, Oyent will be working towards producing his single.

“I am truly honoured to be a recipient of the SKOWT Music Fund. This is a big win for me since making my comeback into the music scene. Having SKOWT as a team of musically inclined mentors or “big brothers” is a blessing. Their positive feedback and encouragement has motivated me to continue my journey in music and aim higher!”

Oyent started as a back-up singer/percussionist with Istana Budaya and with his exceptional fluency with Spanish covers and a lively stage presence, he is a show-stopper.

Having overcome substance abuse in the past, Oyent aims to share his personal experiences and give hope to others who face similar challenges through music.

SKOWT is an innovative new music platform which caters to unsigned and independent talents.

Heads up and follow the SKOWT page for the second round of SKOWT Music Fund in 2018!